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Aim of iPremia Sro is to be the business partner of reference for the provision of high quality services and products. This is possible thanks to the constant sharing of standards and goals through all the elements belonging to the network of partners and collaborators that we have selected.

This allows us to offer:

Our aim is to provide services in order to satisfy all our customers' needs in terms of the ICT value chain from a single source.
Office consumables and spare-parts, original toners, drums, inks, ribbons, copiers, fax machines and printers.

In the European B2B market scenario we provide bundles logistics services, financial services, supply services, solution services, digital services and IT services. Our offer includes more than 10.000 articles in order to satisfy all our customer’s needs.

Our long-lasting partnerships with international leading manufacturers perfectly represent our attitude towards building strong and profitable relationships.



Logistics and shipments are services integrated with one another; the technical support and consultancy provided ensure customers to chose the perfect product for their needs, on demand.

Compliance with high quality and environmental standards are further elements, which add value to the quality of our products.


Full range of services provided: from immediate dispatch and tracking to punctual delivery.
Thanks to the stock availability and a lean and reliable organization we can set and keep high quality standards.
The wide offer of transport options allows the possibility to satisfy almost every customer’s needs from packaging services to tailored shipments, worldwide.


All cartridges that we see are made with virgin empty. The drum that we use are new, and all products are made in order to respect the environment.
All our products are 100% tested before being boxed. The quality is very high and at least egual to the original product.

iPremia is a responsible company that operates in respect of environment.




Address: Zamocka 30
City: 811 01 Stare Mesto – Bratislava, Slovakia
Email: info@ipremia.eu

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